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7 UK cities well worth the visit

7 UK cities well worth the visit

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Interested in a holiday in the UK? From England to Scotland, Wales to Northern Ireland, there are beautiful city breaks just waiting for you to explore them. 

The UK has many stunning cities with more history in them than you’d think. With one castle for every 100 miles and beautiful minsters and cathedrals to visit, there are so many things to see and do in Britain that it takes more than one holiday to see it all.

Not traditionally thought of as a tourist destination, the British Isles have tropical plants, wonderful gardens, deep, dark forests, and haunting mountains. It makes sense that there would be multiple cities in the UK to explore.

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The 7 UK cities you should add to your bucket list

There are dozens of cities worth exploring in the UK. Here are the top picks as examples of their areas.

1. Birmingham

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

There is so many things to do in Birmingham, one of Britain’s largest cities.

A firm contender for becoming London’s understudy, this city is packed with museums, art galleries, theatres, and excellent shops.

Visit Cadbury World to see how UK chocolate favourites are made. Enjoy shopping at the Bullring or visit the Botanic Gardens.

Don’t want to drive all over the UK? You can hire both a coach/minibus and its driver from TravelSOS.

Visit any destination in England and they will provide a driver plus transport to take you there and bring you back, letting you fully relax during your holiday.

2. Brighton

onion domes, towers and minarets forming the roof of the royal pavilion palace in brighton england, King George IV's summer house and Regency folly
King George IV’s Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Take a trip to a city by the sea and visit the coastal city of Brighton down in Sussex.

Brighton has numerous seaside-style attractions and a real holiday vibe. This is where British people go on holiday.

In high summer it gets extremely busy. Choose to play games arcades, visit Sea Life Brighton to see the aquarium, or visit the Brighton Palace Pier and enjoy the funfair. 

3. Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle - 10 wonderful UK destinations to banish new year blues
Edinburgh Castle

Known as “Auld Reekie” to the Scots, Edinburgh is exactly as misty and brooding as they make it out to be.

The dominant feature of the whole city is the castle, perched on top of a raised plateaux which historically made it difficult to attack. Edinburgh has a network of tunnels underneath it, known as the Edinburgh Vaults, and a real dungeon inside the castle.

If you want to explore the city and its surroundings, you can easily find a car hire in Edinburgh from Enjoy Travel, a company that suits your needs and budget.

If there is one city you visit in Scotland, make it ancient Edinburgh.

4. Belfast

Northern Ireland is as historic as Edinburgh is. Filled with places to visit, Belfast is most famous for excellent pubs, a friendly atmosphere, and some of the best karaoke that you will find outside of Japan. Ireland makes great singers.

Take the time to investigate old gaols, browse St George’s Market, and gaze at the epic Titanic

5. Cardiff

St Fagans Castle - fun days out February Half term
St Fagans Castle

No trip to explore the UK would be complete without a visit to the Welsh capital.

Cardiff is bubbling with joyful people. The weather is decent, it has its own castle, and the Welsh have a history they can trace back beyond the Roman invasion, to the times of the old kingdoms.

Get to know the history of the people here in St Fagan’s National Museum of History. You can even visit the Principality Stadium and enjoy a game of rugby.

6. London

The Shard London - best London views

The City of London is the largest in the UK. London has more people living in it than the entire population of Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

London is the city for shopping and royalty. Visit the Tower of London, where the palace used to keep their enemies in chains.

Go and see Buckingham Palace but please be respectful of the guards. Get too close and they are allowed to attack you.

Also, take a trip skywards on the London Eye to get an overhead view of England’s capital. 

Here’s some ideas for things to do in London on a budget.

7. Truro in Cornwall

Cornwall is undoubtedly the warmest part of the UK. Asides from the Channel Islands, Truro is about as far to the south west as it is possible to go before hitting the sea.

One of the best attractions in Truro is the Cathedral. With high arches and graceful stonework, it is the perfect place for Instagram shots.

Visit the famous Callestick Ice Cream Parlour and enjoy the best weather in the UK on St Agnes Beach.

We love Cornwall. Here some more ideas for places to visit in Cornwall this summer.

Take it Easy

No matter where you choose to travel, remember that you are on holiday. Take it easy, splurge on the hired driver and coach, and sit back to enjoy your UK city breaks in style. 

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