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Two weeks until lift off

This time in two weeks I hope to be enjoying my Friday night Swedish-style. No, we’re not planning on installing a sauna in Tin Box – we are in fact going to the actual Sweden.

It’s our first trip abroad with Tin Box Tot and her first ever flight. Eek! I’m already planning on having a none too small glass of wine when we get there.

Three passports

I blogged two weeks ago about our first family holiday abroad and all the things I thought we needed to consider before we went. Since then I’ve had some great advice from friends, offers of well travelled buggies, and I’ve been doing lots of reading about travelling with tots.

Here’s some blogs I’ve found really useful – written by parents who’ve been there and done that when it comes to entertaining kids while travelling:

What are your toddler travel tips? I’ll be sharing at what worked for us when we return!

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