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#TravelTimehop series edition #22 – After the Playground

Welcome to another Travel Timehop where I share moments from memorable trips. Throughout 2016 I’m inviting fellow bloggers to tell me about their favourite adventures. This week it’s the turn of Sharon from After the Playground  – a blog all about being a mum to children who are at high school and beyond, and how this redefines your role as a woman. 

Sharon is sharing a holiday memory from a beautiful destination I’m yet to visit. Her story will be a familiar one for all parents. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, at least one member of the family will always be bored!

When are we time-hopping to?

August 2014

Where in the world?

The island of Nalaguraidhoo in the South Ari Atoll of the Maldives.

After the Playground’s timehop moment

The picture was taken towards the end of a very special holiday that I thoroughly enjoyed with my husband and three daughters. It was our ‘big’ holiday to celebrate our eldest daughter finishing her GCSEs and leaving school. Our villa was on the other side of the island from the restaurant and so every morning we walked along the beach to get to it. Despite the fact that this has got to be one of the most scenic breakfast routes in the world, in true 8-year-old style our youngest daughter found it boring after the first couple of days. This swing made all the difference! The picture sums up the very different ways in which members of my family enjoy a holiday.

Sadly, the coastal erosion is also visible which makes me think about how transient this beauty may be. I worry that my daughters may never be able to show their children this amazing part of the world.

It’s a sobering thought that we are living in a very different world today to the one our children will know in the future. However, I’m sure phrases like ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and ‘I’m bored’ will live on forever! Thanks to Sharon for taking part in Travel Timehop. If you’d like to read more about Sharon’s adventures in motherhood hop over to her blog, or follow After the Playground on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

If this has inspired you to pull out your old holiday photo albums I’d love it if you’d share a snap with me. Here’s how you can be a part of Travel Timehop.

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Sharon from After the Playground shares a favourite memory from her family holiday in the Maldives with Tin Box Traveller's Travel Timehop series

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