Jo from Wander with Jo standing in front of a sulphur lake in Indonesia
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#TravelTimehop series edition #26 – Wander with Jo

Hello there Travel Timehoppers! Welcome to another guest post from a fellow blogger with a passion for adventure. This week it’s Jo from Wander with Jo.

First, I have a teaser for you…I know Travel Timehop has only been back for a couple of weeks after its summer break but I’m going to start running the feature less regularly from now. The reason is I have a very exciting project coming up with some of my family travel blogger friends that is going to take up a bit more of my time. Enough for now. Watch this space and do keep sending me your Travel Timehop memories!

Right. Onto this week’s Timehop. Jo is a girl after my own heart. She likes to explore and she likes a beer. Her fun accounts of her travels are compulsive reading. I was intrigued when Jo sent me one of her favourite travel photos. Here’s the story behind it.

When are we time-hopping to?

December 14, 2014

Where in the world?

This picture was clicked in Kawa Putih, also known as the White Crater situated close to Bandung in Indonesia.

Wander with Jo’s moment

This is a breathtaking sulphur lake in a volcanic crater and very popular among tourists for its scenic beauty.

I camped the night before in a nearby camping ground with a bunch of couch surfers and early next morning we rode to Kawah Putih on our rented bikes.

Once there, we found some very random and lovely photography spots. This is one of the most beautiful places I came across in my 11 months in Indonesia. Tip – wear masks to avoid the stench of sulphur.

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Jo from Wander with Jo stood in front of a sulphur lake in Indonesia. This special travel memory has been shared with Tin Box Traveller as part of the Travel Timehop guest series

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