Mr Tin Box and Tin Box Tot in a park in Sweden
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Travel Timehop #45: Sweden, 2014

Welcome to my Travel Timehop feature where I share memories from our travels during the past decade. This week I’m sharing a moment captured during our first trip aboard with Tin Box Tot.

When are we time-hopping to?

It was August 2014 and we had been invited to a wedding abroad.

Where in the world?

Our friends were getting married in the bride’s home town of Karlstad in Sweden. It was a great opportunity to visit a new country and get the first stamp in TBT’s passport.

Karlstad is built on the delta of Sweden’s longest river which runs into its largest lake, Vänern. This was the setting for our friends’ wedding – it was a beautiful day, evening and a very late night. At 18-months-old Tin Box Tot thought it was fascinating to stay up and watch everyone dancing and singing. 

Timehop moment

Thankfully TBT allowed us a bit of a lay in the next day, but we were still among the first of the wedding guests to get up. We had one day left to explore and wanted to make the most of it by visiting the city park.

Mariebergsskogen is a city farm, heritage centre, nature reserve, concert venue and play park rolled into one. And the best thing about it is that entry is totally free. 

The weather had taken a turn for the worse, which we weren’t really prepared for. We didn’t have a rain cover for our pushchair, waterproofs for TBT or appropriate footwear. I remember finishing the day with very soggy feet.

While the rain came and went, we still enjoyed a few hours looking around the different areas of the park. This timehop snap was taken in the play garden where there were lots of larger than life musical instruments set among the bushes and flower beds. Every few minutes we had to dash for cover under the conveniently placed pagodas as another deluge of rain threatened to soak us.

Despite the weather we managed to walk around a lot of the park and had a very tired TBT by the time we headed back to our hotel. Read more about our Swedish adventure.

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