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Travel Timehop #43: Ruedesheim, 2006

Welcome to my Travel Timehop where I share snapshots from our adventures during the past decade. I’m not sure how it’s happened but it’s the last month of 2015 and the final few weeks of this feature.

It’s been a blast recalling memories from trips we took before and after I started writing this blog. By recording each moment and the places we’ve visited I’ve been able to preserve them for a time when my memory isn’t quite as sharp.

This week’s timehop photo of a very young looking Mr Tin Box comes from a trip I’ve talked about before – our European camping road trip.

When are we time-hopping to?

It was the summer of 2006 – long before kids and a couple of years before Mr TB made an honest Mrs Tin Box out of me. We had taken a month off work, squeezed all our camping gear in the back of my Hyundai Getz and hit the roads of western Europe.

Where in the world?

After travelling through Belgium and Luxembourg we made our way down through Germany to St Goar on the Rhine.

St Goar dates back to Roman times and is overlooked by the ruins of Rheinfels Castle – the most imposing castle on the Rhine. Close by is Lorelei Rock, which translates as murmuring rock, and has inspired myth, legend and poems about heartbroken women and singing sirens.

We pitched our tent at Loreleyblick Campingplatz on the banks of the Rhine. We could open the canvas door flaps in the morning and look out across the river a few feet in front. The only downside was that the river traffic, mainly barges, never seemed to stop making it noisy spot throughout the night.

During our few days in St Goar we decided to take a river cruise up the Rhine to Ruedesheim where we had four hours to look around.

Timehop moment

Ruedesheim am Rhine (it’s full title) has been famous for winemaking since Roman times. Sadly we didn’t have time to book a tour around one of the distilleries or the castle where wine is still produced so had a wander around the picturesque town instead.
Before anything else we found somewhere to order lunch and a couple of beer steins. The food and drink in Germany was definitely a highlight for me.
After filling our tummies we set about seeing the Ruedesheim sights. A visit to any German town would not be complete without browsing around the Christmas shop. In Ruedesheim this is Kathe Wohlfarhrt. It’s lucky we already had a car full of gear back at the camp site otherwise I would have spent a fortune here. In the end we didn’t come away with any traditional decorations as I couldn’t choose between them.
A more bizarre attraction that we checked out was the Foltermuseum – a collection of medieval torture devices. You take a tour through gruesome exhibits including a rack, hanging cages, thumb screws and a stretching ladder. Most were used during the witch-hunts of the 14th and 16th Centuries. It was eye watering but fascinating stuff.
Have you been to St Goar or Ruedesheim in Germany?
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