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Travel timehop #3

Hey there travel fans and welcome to my Travel Timehop. Each week I’m letting you have a peek between the pages of our holiday photo album. We’ve been having adventures much longer than I’ve been blogging so this is a chance for me to share some stand out moments from our travels during the past 10 years.

This week it’s a snapshot from our honeymoon – aww memories! 

When are we time-hopping to?

Mr TB and I got married back in 2008 and wanted an extra special honeymoon. After a lot of shopping around and pleading for a newly-wed discount we excitedly booked two-weeks hopping around America.

Where in the world?

I can guarantee that our honeymoon is going to feature again on my Travel Timehops – it was an amazing experience – but this first snap was taken during a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas was our first stop off in the United States. It wasn’t really our choice, but came as part of the ‘three-centre’ package that we booked through Virgin Holidays. It turned out to be a real eye opener and great fun.

Anyway, you can’t go to Arizona without seeing something other than the fairy lights of Vegas, so we used some of our wedding money to book this tour. 

It meant getting up at a mad time in the morning, but as we had flown in from the UK the night before our body clocks were up the creek anyway. 

Timehop moment

We got a limousine from our hotel – the Bellagio (amazing!) – and joined another couple for our Sundance helicopter ride out to the Canyon.

It was just the best way to start our honeymoon. We flew over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead where all the celebs have their Vegas pads, past the Skywalk and then down into the Grand Canyon for a champagne picnic.

Our Travel Timehop picture was taken in the Canyon after we’d polished off our bubbly and a picnic basket.

Our pilot flew us back over Las Vegas Strip to complete the tour. It’s a shame that part was in broad daylight as it would have been spectacular at night. Regardless, I’d love to go back and do it all again!

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