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Travel Timehop #28: Clarence House, London 2009

Welcome back to my travel time hop series – a (sort of) weekly look back at places we visited both before and after I started blogging. It’s a fantastic way for me to capture memories of our travels and special moments we’ve shared together.

Travel Timehop took a few weeks off while we made some more memories but now it’s back with a right royal snap. Spot the heir to the throne!

When are we time-hopping to?

I can’t remember the exact month, but it was 2009 and a few months after Mr Tin Box had returned from a deployment in Afghanistan.

Where in the world?

We had been invited to Clarence House in London – only the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall – for the presentation of his squadron’s operational service medals. It was an amazing day full of much pride, tiny canapés and audiences with royalty.

In Tin Box tradition, I stayed at the Caravan Club’s Crystal Palace site with Mr TB’s parents the night before so that we could make a proper day of our visit to the capital.

Timehop moment

After the formal medal presentations the guests were asked to stand in small groups while the Duke and Duchess met some of the squadron’s personnel and their families. No one knew which groups would be selected. 
Mr TB was in charge of introducing everyone in our circle and had been quietly dreading a tap on his shoulder by a royal minder to say one of our hosts was approaching. He’d written down the names of everyone in our group on the inside of his hat and hoped not to have to use them.
Then there was a tap! Camilla was on her way. 
Mr TB was amazing, and while he may have taken a peek in his hat once or twice, he did much better than I would have done in the same situation. I’d forget my own name under pressure!
The Duchess was a delight. She asked us where we’d come from and it was let slip that we’d stayed in a caravan the night before. She didn’t bat an eye lid.
My timehop picture was taken by Mr TB’s mum after we’d said goodbye to Camilla. If you get out your magnifying glass you can see Prince Charles among the heads in the bottom left.
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