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Travel Timehop #21: Scarfell Pike 2010

Every week I share a memory from our travels during the past decade. We’ve camped, stayed in luxury hotels and holiday cottages. There have been trips around Europe, to the US and Central America, plus many highs and a few minor hiccoughs.

This week is a timehop including a minor hiccough: the time I picked up food poising but only realised it half way up a mountain.

Tin Box Traveller and Mr Tin Box stood at the bottom of a mountain

When are we time-hopping to?

It was Easter 2010 and we had decided to book a last minute break. This was often the way for Mr Tin Box and I before children – we weren’t very organised and had the freedom to do things on the spur of the moment. Those were the days!

Where in the world? 

After climbing Snowdon in 2009 we thought we’d have a go at Scarfell Pike in the Lake District. We booked a holiday cottage in Newland, near Ulverston in the south of Cumbria, and planned to explore the area over seven days.

Our holiday cottage was cute, with Toby mugs and other collectables scattered around the place. We also had all the mod cons we needed for our walking holiday including a washing machine to take care of our grubby clothes when we finished our adventures each day. Unfortunately there were less adventures than we had hoped…

Timehop moment

On day two of our stay the weather forecast was ideal for a trek up Scarfell Pike. We had heard that the top was snowy so had plenty of layers, food and other emergency supplies to keep us going. On the drive to Wasdale where we began our ascent I started to feel a bit weird. I put it down to the early morning – Mr TB always insists we get up before dawn when we are on this type of expedition.

By breakfast time we were parked up at the Wasdale Head Inn at the bottom of Scarfell Pike. I continued to ignore the grumbles coming from my stomach as we began our six mile climb. The views on the way up were epic, but I don’t think I really appreciated them at the time. The top couldn’t come quick enough as I started to feel more and more uncomfortable.

When we reached the summit it was covered in snow and the wind was cutting through us like a knife. We sheltered behind the cairn while we ate a very quick sandwich (Mr TB could see I was looking a bit green) and then turned around for the return trip.

Back at Wasdale some other walkers offered to take today’s Travel Timehop photo. You can see a snow cover Scarfell Pike behind us and there’s a smile on my face that you might mistake for elation at conquering England’s highest peak. It was in fact relief that I had been able to control my nausea for the five hour expedition and a toilet was now in sight at the Wasdale Head.

I spent the next three days curled up on the sofa at our holiday cottage watching films, drinking Lucozade and not venturing far form the loo. I’ll spare you the details.

I reckon I picked something up from a dirty surface at the cottage when we first arrived. I can’t really blame the owners. I just have a very sensitive stomach. However, we now never travel without antibacterial wipes!

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