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Travel Timehop #19: Las Vegas 2008

Welcome to another Travel Timehop when I dust off our holiday photo albums and fish out a snap from the past decade of Tin Box adventures. This week my travel memory comes from a pre-caravan tour across the pond and a moment that Mr Tin Box likes to recount again and again.
Tin Box Traveller at the Bellagio fountains

When are we time-hopping to?

It was August 2008 and we were on the first leg of our honeymoon in the US.

Where in there world

There’s far too many sparkly lights in this grainy image for it to be anywhere other than Las Vegas. I’m enjoying a cocktail at the Bellagio where we stayed for three nights. In the background are the world famous Bellagio fountains and beyond that the Paris Las Vegas hotel with its scale reproduction of the Eiffel Tower. More on that in a moment.

Vegas wasn’t top of our travel bucket list when we booked our honeymoon. In fact, it didn’t feature at all. The only reason we went was because it was part of a ‘three centres’ package that included Mexico and New York, which were the main attractions for us.

However, I fell a tiny bit in love with the flashy, plastic fakery of Sin City. We spent our stay eating amazing food and walking (and sweating) it off exploring The Strip. The dry heat was unbelievable – no wonder people spend so much time inside the air-conditioned casinos!

In our short stay we managed to cram in a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon, Madame Tussauds at the Venetian, the Lions at the MGM, Fremont Street and a trip to an out of town shopping outlet for sunglasses (I think Mr TB has a little obsession with new specs), as well as quite a few honeymoon cocktails.

Timehop moment

After a busy few days during which we were still struggling with jet lag we decided to spend our last Vegas night in the cocktail bar overlooking the Bellagio fountains. It’s an amazing free water show choreographed to music that draws hundreds of people to line the sidewalk outside the hotel every evening.

We got to the bar early to secure front row seats. We ordered our drinks and the tables filled up around us. As the fountains burst into life I couldn’t help thinking this was one of those surreal moments that I would always remember: the retina burning lights; the jets of water being sent hundreds of feet into the air in perfect time to Broadway hits; and just knowing that we were in Vegas.

That was when we heard the couple next to us thinking the same thing out loud. Wonderful…then one of them added: “Look at the Eiffel Tower. It’s great. I mean, why would you go to Europe when you can see it all right here in Vegas?” What?! I had to hold Mr TB back from replying with something very rude. It’s a funny moment that he still likes to recall in his most British of accents, “You would not believe what they said…!”.

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