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Travel Timehop #11 – Snowden 2009

Right now – at nearly eight months pregnant and straining under the weight of the baby that is lodging in my tummy – climbing a mountain is the last thing on my to do list. However, it’s something Mr Tin Box and I have done a few times and hope to do again when our little family is ready.

For this week’s Travel Timehop I’ve chosen to share a snap shot from my first ever mountain expedition, both to give me a bit of inspiration in the weeks to come and encourage me to do it again one day soon.

When are we time-hopping to?

This week’s Travel Timehop photo was taken during our 2009 summer holiday in Wales.

Where in the world?

We were camping in Snowdonia National Park with the aim of enjoying lots of walking and climbing Snowden itself.

Timehop moment

Mr TB had insisted we get up at the crack of dawn to start our ascent of Snowden, giving us a good chance of reaching the peak before it got too busy. We were taking the Watkin Path, which is meant to be a seven hour round trip and a climb of 3,330ft.

Half way up Mr TB took this photo. I’m pretty sure that’s a forced smile on my face as Mr TB does not climb slowly. It’s the military man in him – if we are not route marching, then it’s not good enough!

After this picture the cloud started to set in and we reached the toughest part of the climb – a steep scree slope, which made my legs wobble. I’m not great with heights and it felt like I might fall off Snowden if I leaned back too far.

Unfortunately, when we got to the top we couldn’t see a thing. It was a bit of a shame after putting in so much effort, but it gives us an incentive to revisit Snowden another time.

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