Travel Timehop

Travel Timehop #1

Welcome to my first Travel Timehop post of 2015.

It was one of my new years resolutions to start a regular post where I can share memorable moments from our adventures during the past 10 years, both pre and post-Tin Box. Yes, that also means I’ll be giving you a peek at the holidays Mr TB and I took before Tin Box Tot arrived!

Camping in the UK has always featured high on our travel check list, but we have also been on cottage breaks and package holidays, as well as planning our own trips. So expect a bit of everything.

Where in the world?

My first Travel Timehop of the year is a throwback from 2005 when Mr TB and I flew to Turkey.

This was our first foreign holiday together – eck! We had a few days to kill and credit on a card so we made a spur of the moment booking for five days in Antalya.

It was also my first experience of an all-inclusive hotel and I remember making very good use of the free bar. Not something I do much these days!

Timehop moment

During our stay we visited thKursunlu Waterfalls, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where this photo was taken. My hair doesn’t cope well with humidity so I spent most of the holiday looking hot and bedraggled like this!

Tin Box Traveller and Mr Tin Box in Turkey

Check back next Thursday for another Travel Timehop moment!

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