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Pumpkin carving fail #WickedWednesdays

I like to think of myself as a bit artistic. I took A’level art don’t you know. But this week I learnt that my appreciation of the great masters doesn’t necessarily translate into pumpkin carving expertise.


This little effort was my laboured attempt at cutting out the shape of a caravan. I was quite proud of myself until Mr Tin Box likened it to Darth Vader’s helmet. Sob!
There was a very special reason why I was trying to recreate the image of a touring van in a pumpkin this Halloween. Last weekend we shared that we are expecting Tin Box Baby 2. The idea was to create a cute pictorial announcement with a seasonal theme.
As I failed to impress, I handed the responsibility over to Mr TB. 
It wasn’t until I saw his masterpiece that I realised quite how sad my pumpkin looked, so I’m going to let him have this small victory.
Pumpkin carved as a caravan
I’m sharing this artistic fail as part of the #WickedWednesdays linky from Brummymummyof2. It’s all about posting those less than perfect snaps that wouldn’t usually grace the pages of your blog but never-the-less make you smile. Here’s how you can join in.

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