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Our week of outdoor fun

Outdoor adventures seem to come along like buses recently – not at all or all at once!

A part from the caravan still being under its winter cover, we’ve had a few busy few weeks when various appointments and drizzly weather have kept us indoors. However, the past seven days have been different and we’ve loved it!

There’s been at least one window of good weather during each of our days off work. And even on the coldest days we’ve been able to wrap up warm and make a break for the fresh air.

Tin Box Tot also had her first experience of snow this week. I tried my best to get some good photos but she seemed more interested in taking off her waterproof and wellies so our fun with the white stuff was short-lived.

Here’s a few of the things we’ve been up to in the great outdoors. Apologies – it’s a bit of a picture fest!

We took a sunset walk at our local beach, where both Tin Box Tot and Tin Box Dog loved running around the sandbacks at low tide.

We braved the icy winds whistling over the South Downs during a walk at Harting Downnear Petersfield.

We made the most of a light dusting of snow in our back garden for as long as TBT kept her clothes on!

And, after the Tot’s two year appointment with the health visitor, we treated ourselves to some fun time down the park.

It’s not long now until our caravan adventures start up again so we’ll be sharing lots more outdoor fun very soon.

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