Tin Box Dog playng ball on beach - keep yu dog happy this winter
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6 simple ways to keep your dog happy this winter

Even as a family that loves the great outdoors, the colder, darker months signal a change in our daily routines. Winter means more time snuggled on the sofa, less frequent stomps around the countryside and a few more high calorie treats. But what does this hibernation lifestyle mean for Tin Box Dog? While we might be OK with a slower pace during the winter, it doesn’t mean she is too.

Many dogs put on weight during the winter or even get depressed because they are not getting outside as much. Then there’s the effects of the cold weather and seasonal events that could upset your four-legged friend. As responsible pet owners we want Tin Box Dog to have a spring in her step whatever the time of year.

Tin Box Dog on winter beach walk - keep your dog happy this winter

Here’s how we make sure she stays healthy and happy during the winter, along with some tips other pet lovers might find useful.

6 simple ways to keep your dog happy this winter

Make daily activity a must

Most dogs will get bored without daily walks for stimulation, which can lead to both physical and behavioural problems. Get out daily, even if it’s wet. Muddy walks are Tin Box Dog’s favourites.

Top tip: get yourself and your dog hi vis jackets to make you stand out during walks in the dark.

Tin Box Dog muddy - keep your dog happy this winter

Find time for play

Despite best intentions some days are just too foul to be out for long.  So up your indoor quality time with your dog. If you have done some training it might be a great time to go back to school and revise old tricks or develop something new. The mental stimulation and attention will keep fido happy. Tin Box Dog loves showing off her spins and twirls in exchange for small treats.

Top tip: go online to find instructions for new tricks or sign up to dog training classes.

Invest in some pet toys

You don’t have to do all the work. Invest in some dog toys to keep your furry friend amused when they are left alone or you are busy.  Tin Box Dog loves kibble dispensing balls and Kongs.

Top tip: rotate your dog’s toys so they don’t get bored.

Tin Box Dog on Rhossili beach - keep your dog happy this winter

Prepare for fireworks

Christmas and New Year fireworks can cause some pets a lot of distress. Tin Box Dog is not a fan at all. Make sure your pet has somewhere they feel safe to hide when you are expecting fireworks close by. Turn up the radio or television and close the curtains.

Top tip: you may also want to consider getting a pheromone plugin to calm your nervous pooch.

Protect those paws

When pets get snow or gritting salt between their paw pads it can be extremely uncomfortable and could cause damage. Wash your dog’s paws when you get home from an icy walk.

Top tip: keep an old ice cream container inside you back door and use it as a doggy foot bath.

Tin Box Dog running in snow - keep your dog happy this winter

Feed them quality dog food

Make sure your pet has a nutritionally balanced diet by giving them quality dog food. This is particularly important during the winter when they may not be so active. Tin Box Dog is a typical Labrador Retriever and is always thinking of her tummy. We are very strict with her diet and it’s paid off, helping to keep her trim.

Top tip: always measure your dog’s food appropriately for their breed and size. This will help keep their weight in check.

What do you do to keep your dog happy and healthy during the winter months?

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®, but all thoughts are my own. For additional pet care information you can read the following PEDIGREE® Reviews for tips and advice.

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Tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy this winter