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Gingerbread house fail #WickedWednesdays

Last year (2013, that is) I was properly jealous of all my friends who had managed to bag themselves a gingerbread house-making kit before Christmas.

IKEA gingerbread house kit

I remember day-dreaming as a child about what it would be like to be Hansel and Gretel, discovering a house made of biscuit and sweets…hmmm (I glossed over the child-eating witch bit)!

A hand-made miniature version was surely the next best thing? But by the time I looked for a kit myself they had all flown off the shelves.

This Christmas I was not going to be caught out and bagged a pre-fabricated gingerbread house kit from Ikea in November.

However, the results were not quite what I had hoped for.

The dissembled walls of a gingerbread house

And to add insult to injury – once I had come to terms with the fact I was never meant to go into construction – I realised I couldn’t even eat the sorry remains of the house because the icing sugar I had smeared all over it contained raw egg white (not recommended for bumpy ladies).

I’d love the hear if anyone else had more success with their gingerbread houses over Christmas. What’s the secret to getting them to stand?

I’m sharing my gingerbread house fail as part of the #WickedWednesdays linky from Brummymummyof2. Itโ€™s all about posting those less than perfect snaps that wouldnโ€™t usually grace the pages of your blog but never-the-less make you smile. Hereโ€™s how you can join in.

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