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GCSE art good for something? #WickedWednesdays

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I took GCSE art. Damn it, I even got an A’level in the subject. However, since I picked up my results many moons ago there hasn’t been much call for my creative flair.

That is until Tin Box Tot came along! 
Pen drawing of a spider and two pigs
And then this is the best likeness of a pig I can muster when she asks me to draw with her.
My art teachers would be turning in their graves/retirement home beds!

I’m sharing this shameful attempt at art as part of the #WickedWednesdays linky from Brummymummyof2. It’s all about posting those less than perfect snaps that wouldn’t usually grace the pages of your blog but never-the-less make you smile. Here’s how you can join in.

Last time I shared Gingerbread house fail.

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Sharing is caring!