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Digital marketing consultant for travel and tourism businesses


Digital marketing consultant for travel & tourism businesses and blog coach

As well as running a successful UK family travel blog, I offer digital marketing consultancy services to travel and tourism businesses in Devon and Cornwall. AND bespoke blog coaching to individuals. If your blog, website or social media aren’t getting the love you know they deserve, I’m here to help.

What makes me so confident I can?

I have nearly 20 years’ experience working in the media, marketing and PR industries, with a focus on social media and website content in the past 10 years. This has included establishing an award-winning travel blog in the family travel niche, as well as managing social media accounts across various sectors and contributing to websites in the travel, tourism and marketing industries.

I have been involved in award-winning PR campaigns and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), which has an emphasis on continual professional development and high ethical standards. I’m always topping up my knowledge and making sure that I know the latest trends in my digital craft.

In my blogging life I’m regularly approached by household name brands to work with them on influencer campaigns. This has included creating advertorial content on my own blog and other websites, as well as supporting social media posts and video content.

I also currently rank #2 in the Vuelio Top 10 UK family travel blogs, #2 in the Feedspot top 10 UK family travel bloggers, and #3 in the Tots100 UK family travel bloggers.

I’ll be the first to admit that these influencer lists are not the be all and end all. They are put together using algorithms that look at my social media reach, follower engagement, website hits, and in the case of Vuelio, a little bit of editorial team discretion. But what I do take from them is that I know how to build a brand using multiple social media channels.

My blogging award from Britmums – the UK’s largest influencer network – gave me a huge pat on the back for bringing together my digital storytelling abilities and social media presence into a successful travel blog.

You can find my Tin Box Traveller social media channels here: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Digital marketing services for businesses

For me, blog content and social media go hand-in-hand. Blog content works to keep your website fresh and updated. When used correctly, it will also provide useful information to your customers and drive traffic to your website. Google loves websites that are useful and will rank them higher in search results.

However, this can take time. This is when good social media promotion steps in. Sharing website content will make your business visible immediately.

I help travel and tourism businesses make the most of their blog and social media channels by offering the following services to brands based in Devon and Cornwall:

Blog and social media audits

Let me take a look at your existing business blog and social media accounts, run competitor analysis and come up with recommendations on how you can get ahead.

Content marketing

My expertise is in producing blog and social media posts that will not only capture the attention of your existing customers, but they will also help you reach more. I use keyword research and Search Engine Optimisation to write social media and blog content that is engaging and will draw people to your website.

Social media training

Does Twitter bamboozle you or are you unsure what to post on Pinterest? I offer social media training on all the major platforms, and can even help you work out where to focus your efforts.

Social media management

If you’d prefer to get on with the day job and hand your social media accounts over to a professional, then I can take them on for you. This could be light touch, where I create regular posts for one or more of your channels. Or I could get really stuck in, interacting with your followers on your behalf. We can discuss what works best for your business.

Influencer relations

Have you considered the benefits working with bloggers, YouTubers and social media personalities? Influencers, as they are commonly known, have nurtured an online audience that listens to what they have to say. If that audience aligns with yours then a collaboration could bring you new followers and future customers.

I have experience of working on both sides of influencer relations campaigns. As a PR manager, I have sourced bloggers for brands to work with, vetted their suitability for a campaign, commissioned them, and provided campaign analysis.

Get in touch about my digital marketing consultancy services today.

Blog coaching for individuals

I’ve been blogging for more than six years and know how hard it can be to get motivated some days. You can feel like you are putting in ALL the effort and getting no rewards. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes can help you cut through that haze.

Whether you want to improve the reach of your social media channels or to write posts that get noticed on Google, I can offer you bespoke coaching to help achieve your blogging goals.

I can also advise you on blogging tools that can make the job easier for you.

I live in Devon, but can help you out wherever you’re based.

Get in touch about bespoke blog coaching today.

Work with my blog

If you are interested in working with Tin Box Traveller to promote your brand then I’d also love to hear from you. Check our my work with me page for more information about the type of collaborations and advertising I can offer.

If you have any questions at all or would like a free chat about how I can help you, then drop me a line.

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