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10 best Christmas markets in Europe that leave Brits s-mitten

10 best Christmas markets in Europe that leave Brits s-mitten

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Travel experts Find a Cheap Flight found out which 10 European Christmas markets get looked up the most in the UK. Brits look up European Christmas markets 1,560 times on average every month.

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Which are the most popular European Christmas markets?

Out of the 10 most popular Christmas markets, three are in the East, South and West of Germany.

Brits favour Berlin, Cologne and Munich for their festive delights. After all, who could turn down German cuisine when Frankfurters and Bratwursts sizzle away on the Christmas market grills around every corner?

The best European Christmas market – Berlin

Out of all European markets, Brits mostly have eyes for Berlin’s festive winter wonderland. We look up Berlin’s annual Christmas fair about 3,600 times every month on average, which is far more than any other market.

Our preparations for the festive month start as early as September.

Deciding what to book for Christmas early on might be a good idea to avoid high prices.

As it turns out, some Brits daydream of having hot mulled wine in an old town square somewhere in Europe during the Christmas season when fairs can get quite crowded.

More popular European Christmas markets

Even now, European Christmas markets are quite popular amongst Brits. Read on to find out which other locations have left Brits smitten by their Christmas markets.


The annual winter fair in the Czech Republic’s capital city is the second most searched Christmas market in Europe.

We look up Prague an average of 2,400 times every month as we plan our winter escapades under the spell of the early Christmas spirit.


It comes as no surprise that Vienna’s magical Christmas market comes third in the top 10 best Christmas markets in Europe. Every year, Vienna’s City Hall Square is taken over by a beautiful Christmas market.

There, you can find traditional cuisine, crafts and little gifts to bring back to your loved ones.

Bruges, Budapest, and Krakow

Then Bruges, Budapest, and Krakow follow as the fourth, fifth, and sixth most popular Christmas markets in Europe.

They each turn into a wintry escape for Brits who can explore the local areas under the warm Christmas light glitter. We look these three Christmas markets up on Google an average of 1,300 times every month.

Amsterdam, Cologne, and Strasbourg

The Christmas markets in Amsterdam, Cologne, and Strasbourg are the seventh, eighth, and ninth most popular fairs in Europe respectively.

They share the same amount of Google searches too, an average of 1,000 every month. Venture into visiting either of these unique destinations to find handmade Christmas gifts, local delicacies, mulled wine and other Christmas-themed goods.


Last but not least, the Munich Christmas market finished off the top 10 best Christmas markets in Europe. We look up the Munich festive fair an average of 880 times every month, about four times less than the famous Berlin market.

If you are taking a winter flight to Munich then you should make the most of it by exploring a bit further. Nuremberg is just a couple of hours drive away. Here’s some ideas for things to do in Nuremberg.

Take a look at this table to see how each of the top 10 best Christmas markets in Europe has ranked based on popularity.

Most searched for Christmas markets in Europe

RankChristmas marketAverage monthly Google searches
1Berlin Christmas market3,600
2Prague Christmas market2,400
3Vienna Christmas market1,900
4Bruges Christmas market1,300
5Budapest Christmas market1,300
6Krakow Christmas market1,300
7Amsterdam Christmas market1,000
8Cologne Christmas market1,000
9Strasbourg Christmas market1,000
10Munich Christmas market880
People walking through plaza of Christmas market

Most avid travellers would have had the chance to take delight in Germany’s festivals, traditional hearty foods, and staple beers.

Oktoberfest, Karneval, and the Berlinale Film Festival attract tourists from across the globe, so it comes with no wonder that Brits would turn to German Christmas markets come December.

Other German markets and events

Germany becomes a hub that brings people together all around the year, so it makes sense to visit it in the kindest season of all.

The well-known Oktoberfest rocks up every year in October.

Once Octoberfest ends in Munich, preparations for Christmas begin. Even though the Munich Christmas market is the 10th best in Europe, the festive spirit remains on its streets as people return to the home of Oktoberfest.

Cologne’s Karneval is the most colourful and wacky carnival you could imagine.

If you take a few days to visit in February, you will enjoy watching the show of costumes, blasting music, and endless dancing on Cologne’s streets.

Come December, people return for more. With their average 1,000 Google searches for Cologne, Brits also plan to visit the wonderful Cologne Christmas market.

Berlin is famous for the Berlinale Film Festival. Many tourists visit it in February in hopes of crossing paths with a celebrity while taking part in the many workshops, programmes, and premieres.

If you go to Germany in February, it’s worth visiting both Berlin and Cologne.

Our preference for Berlin’s Christmas market also reflects its popularity worldwide. We look up the Berlin Christmas market an average of 3,600 times.

The local atmosphere must be what brings us back in December for the famous Berlin Christmas market WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt.

What is the best Christmas market in Europe?

The biggest Christmas market in Europe is in Germany: Berlin’s WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt runs from November to New Year’s Eve and attracts more than 600,000 visitors every year.

In WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt, you will find tree decorations flowing down a giant Christmas tree’s branches.

Fairy light and other magical decorations will lead you to the heart of the fair. This Christmas market is the most popular in Berlin, hosting visitors in the famous open area covered with 1,000 strings of lights.

We hold the Berlin Christmas fairs in high esteem for their handmade Christmas decorations and local baked goods. You can expect to browse through candlemakers, glassblowers and jewellers.

The crafts of the market’s embroiderers, origami masters, and ivory-carvers attract many visitors for their uniqueness too.

According to search trends amongst Brits, Berlin’s many authentic Christmas markets are the favourite December travel destination.

Berlin’s fair receives 1,200 more searches on average than its runner-up, the Prague Christmas market, and far more than the other markets.

The phrase ‘Berlin Christmas market’ is looked up 3,600 times on average every month as Brits plan to visit some of Berlin’s 60 charming Christmas markets.

Visitors can do some last-minute shopping at wooden huts and view the crafts of various pop-up vendors. They can also grab a mug of their favourite mulled wine to keep warm during the coldest season.

‘Prague Christmas market’ is only looked up 2,400 times on average every month and it is the second most popular Christmas fair in Europe.

Prague does not have as many Christmas markets, and they are not widely advertised, which plays a part in why it is not as popular as Berlin.

Despite this, Prague’s eco Christmas markets, petting animal stables, and many other unique features such as generous local food and drink samples make Prague’s fairs quite popular.

A stay in Berlin is also twice as expensive as one in Prague. For a 3-star hotel in Berlin, you should expect to pay £83 per night on average, while in Prague this is £44.

If you are looking for a luxurious stay, the price difference is even more striking. For a night in a 5-star hotel in Berlin, you are looking at spending £342 on average. In Prague, the same type of room will only cost £103.

Do Britons prefer European Christmas markets over British ones?

When September comes around, many Brits suddenly get taken over by Christmas mood.

It is not uncommon to even hear carols humming from people’s homes as they set up for the merry season. We are ready to decorate our homes with Christmas lights and stick a Christmas tree in our living rooms months before Christmas, so do we really prefer going abroad to celebrate Christmas?

You can find the answer to this question below.

Although Christmas markets abroad are quite tempting, Brits prefer spending their Christmas holidays in the UK.

On average, the number of monthly Google searches for Christmas markets in the UK is higher than that of Christmas markets in Europe.

We look up Christmas markets in the UK 1,860 times on average, based on our top 10 most popular searches, but only search for Christmas markets in Europe an average of 1,560 times.

We may love traditional international food, but a hearty Christmas roast makes the festive season truly jolly. So, take a look at the table below to learn how many searches the top 10 best British Christmas markets receive on average:

Most searched for Christmas markets in the UK

RankChristmas marketAverage monthly Google searches
1Edinburgh Christmas market6,600
2Manchester Christmas market5,400
3York Christmas market5,400
4Bath Christmas market4,400
5London Christmas market4,400
6Nottingham Christmas market4,400
7Cardiff Christmas market2,400
8Winchester Christmas market2,400
9Birmingham Christmas market1,900
10Exeter Christmas market1,300

How many Brits prefer the Christmas markets in Europe over those in the UK?

Christmas market stall with domed building in background

Among Brits, the most popular Christmas market in Berlin is about half as popular as the UK’s best Christmas market in Edinburgh.

The authentic Christmas market located in Scotland’s capital city is looked up an average of 6,600 times on Google, while Berlin’s Christmas market only receives 3,600 monthly searches on average.

The difference in popularity does not make the Berlin Christmas market any less festive.

It just shows our preference is to visit locally rather than travel overseas for Christmas. After all, staying in Edinburgh is nearly the same price as staying in Berlin, while we can pay less for travel.

A night in a 3-star hotel in Edinburgh costs £83, while the same costs £82 in Berlin. The £1 left might not be much, but when you compare a flight to Berlin to one to Edinburgh, you may find that it makes all the difference, wherever you live.

Apart from booking fees and travel costs, Edinburgh’s Christmas market is world renowned. People travel all the way to Scotland’s capital to celebrate Christmas with a mulled Irn Bru in one hand, and pig in blankets in the other.

Gift shopping becomes an immersive experience as you can leave with Harry Potter themed gifts and make your inner child happy. Or, you can make your actual children’s Christmas that little bit more magical.


The 10 best Christmas markets in Europe are full of seasonal spirit no matter where we go.

One thing is clear: Brits enjoy the festive season regardless of where they plan to go.

We are ready to be taken back by beautiful, lively markets, be that a shining fairytale land under twinkling lights in Europe or a stunning Christmas market in the heart of the UK.

Disclosure: this post is an advertisement feature with Find a Cheap Flight.

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