Hampshire days out

An October dip in the Solent

Ever since the summer when Tin Box Tot went swimming in the pool at our holiday park she hasn’t stopped talking about it. She even flips on to her front in the bath and pretends to swim.

Tin Box Tot paddling in the sea

So when Mr Tin Box suggested talking Tin Box Dog down to the beach for a paddle at the weekend TBT started asking for her swimming costume.

We humoured her, saying we would pack it, hoping that by the time we got down there we could distract her with looking for shells.

Tin Box Tot running on the sand

Dogs are allowed on the main stretch of our local beach on the Solent in Hampshire from 1 October. So TBD was joining dozens of other pooches enjoying the sand bars and running through the shallow waves for the first time since April.

Pink wellington boots stood on wet sand

As soon as we got to the shore line TBT was adamant her Wellington boots were coming off and we rolled up her leggings. She happily splashed up and down for about 30 minutes. We hoped she’d forgotten about swimming.

Tin Box Tot paddling in the sea

Tin Box Tot paddling and waving

She hadn’t. As soon as we said it was time to go TBT protested that she hadn’t had a swim and started to take the reminder of her clothes off. I was trying to dissuade her when Mr TB thought ‘what the heck’ and began to help her. 

It was a short lived dip but I now have a small yet fabulous collection of photos of TBT skinny dipping in the Solent in October. I’ll save her blushes and not post them here but the first boyfriend that walks through the door better have a sense of humour!

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