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A Tin Box announcement

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Now that we’ve cracked caravanning with a toddler, we’ve decided to make things a bit more interesting…Tin Box Baby 2 is on the way!

We’re growing our pumpkin patch

This blog began two years ago when the imminent arrival of Tin Box Baby (now Tin Box Tot) inspired our decision to purchase a caravan. For the record, I was hoping for a spa weekend or a city break somewhere romantic. However, the ever practical Mr Tin Box pointed out that we’d set ourselves up for more family-friendly adventures if we invested in a tourer.

So, the big question is: what will TBB2 bring?

It’s unlikely that we can afford a bigger caravan, but a few things are certain:

  • I’ll be giving up some wardrobe space
  • Mr TB is going to have to sacrifice aerodynamics and purchase a roof box 
  • Tin Box Dog will have to share the car boot with the barbecue
  • And, TBT is going to gain a little travelling buddy.

Personally, I think I can live with less clothes. I just hope I get the baby-moon I asked for last time round!

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Sharing is caring!