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10 signs you’re ready for Spring

I love the winter months: snuggling under a thick duvet; feeling the crunch of frost under my feet; and not worrying too much about eating lots of chocolate – after all, you need a bit of extra padding to keep warm, right?

However, there comes a point when taking half an hour to get the family appropriately dressed before you can leave the house starts to wear thin.

I am ready for Spring! Now that Christmas is out the way I can think of so many reasons why the lighter days can’t come quick enough. How many of these sound familiar?

10 signs you’re ready for Spring:

  1. Your hands are so dry they resemble the gnarly branches of an ancient oak tree.
  2. The lingering smell of stale Christmas dinner in your house is making you feel queezy.
  3. You have started to collect travel brochures and trawl websites to plan your summer break.
  4. Your skin looks so dull you are seriously considering visiting that dodgy looking tanning shop round the corner.
  5. You are starting to feel ashamed that you haven’t been bothered to repaint your toe-nails since November.
  6. You’re fed up of being blinded by the low sun every time you hit the road in daylight.
  7. You long to replace sausage and mash dinners with a light and healthy salad – that’s serious stuff!
  8. You can’t resist the ‘have I wet myself, oh no, it’s OK’ feeling of the heated car seat – even for a five minute journey. 
  9. Your Wellington boots have been caked in mud for so long that you’ve forgotten what colour they are.
  10. The novelty of a hot chocolate in front of the fire has worn off and you’d much prefer a G&T in the garden.
What’s got your goat about Winter?
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